Everything we do is about putting people first

Taking Part support people through lots of different creative ways and offer lots of services.  Click on the links below to find out more about our different services:


Advocacy and Support


Advice, Guidance and Information




Easy Read Information


Children and Young People

We work with a lot of different organisations, such as:

BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities)

CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group)

Social services

Local Health Authority

Providers of residential care

Local Colleges and education providers


Employment services

Other advocacy groups in Shropshire, such as A4U, SIAS and PCAS

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Taking Part Staffing Structure



Chair Peter Simmons

Secretary Susan Godfrey

Trustee John Godfrey

Trustee Paul Hume-Miller

Trustee Jean Harris



Taking Part Staff

Chief Executive Officer Julie Mellor

Shropshire Advocate Diana Morgan

Shropshire Advocate Michelle Evans

Shropshire Advocate Tash Gilmore

Shropshire Advocate Keith Billson


Telford Advocate Keith Billson

Telford Information & Advice Officer Beth Brooker

Community Link Officer Delphine Wise 


Business Support Officer Gill Edmunds

Accounts Administrator Kim Robbins

Social Night Co Ordinator Jamila Thomas

Support Worker Hollie Williamson

Support Worker Sheila Hill

Sessional Worker Website, Easyread & Experts by Experience support Fiona Williams 


Professional Advisors

Solicitors Wace Morgan, Shrewsbury


Independent Examiners

Phillips Accountants, Telford

I am Michelle Evans and I am a Project Advocate ​for Taking Part and also a fully trained Care Act Advocate. I also co-ordinate our Moving and Grooving project which is part of Shropshire Council "All In" short breaks activity programme for children and young people up to the age of 18 who have a disability or additional needs

Diana  Morgan

My role  is

Advocate/Project Officer. 

Work streams include:-

Transforming Care Partnership;

Independent Advisory Groups - West Mercia police;

NHS Advisory Group working with an expert by experience;

Safe Places;

DOL's Paid Representative;

Learning & Development KASiSB.

I also provide advocacy on a one to one  with clients who have learning disabilities.

I am Julie, and I am the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Taking Part.  I oversee and manage the whole operational and strategic direction of our organisation. 

I have been with Taking Part since 2002 and CEO since 2011.

Meet the Team

Hi my name is Fiona Williams

I support the Experts by Experience groups and support Taking Part with website admin, documentation production and easyread

Hi, my name is Tash Gilmore. I have been with Taking Part since October 2016 and I work as a Citizen Advocacy Project Co-ordinator. Myself and my colleague Keith run a small Citizen Advocacy service in Shropshire,            co-ordinating a group of volunteers in their long term Citizen Advocacy relationships, supporting adults who have a learning difficulty.

Hi. I am Keith Billson. Some of you may remember me working for OSCA for many years. After OSCA closed in 2016 I was lucky enough to get a job with Taking Part. In fact they have given me two jobs now! Part of the time I work with a team of volunteer citizen advocates and their advocacy partners in South and Central Shropshire. Citizen Advocates help people with communication, understanding, listening and speaking up. My other role is working as an Information, Advice, Advocacy and Guidance Officer in Telford and Wrekin on the My Choice project. This is where we help people who do not currently have a care package in place but they may have care and support needs and are looking for some information, advice or advocacy to help them through a particular issue or problem. I am a trained and qualified counsellor. I do not practice at the moment but find the skills are very useful in this work. In 2016 I was able to work through the national advocacy qualification, which I think has helped me be a better advocate. When I'm not at work I enjoy riding my bike and getting out in the fresh air. I feel very lucky to be working for Taking Part as everyone is so friendly, helpful and committed to their work

My name is Beth and I'm an Information, Advice, Advocacy and Guidance Officer.  I work as part of the My Choice service, supporting people in Telford and Wrekin with a Health and Social Care Need.

Taking Part is an independent registered charity.   

We have been established in Shropshire, including Telford and Wrekin, since 1994 and have been               a registered charity since 2002. 


In Telford we are a partner of the Wellbeing Independence Partnership as part of the My Choice contract.  We provide information and advice on health and social care to the public of Telford.

In Shropshire we are a partner of the Advice, Advocacy and Welfare Benefits service providing independent advocacy including Care Act Advocacy to people who have health and social care needs and live in Shropshire.

                                   As a small organisation we are very proud to have such a comprehensive reach in              supporting a wide range of people in lots of different ways.


                                    We are very pleased to be awarded the Carer Friendly Employer award by                                                           Telford & Wrekin Carers Partnership Board, as it recognises our organisation                                                      as being 'Carer Friendly' - looking after our own as well as the wider public                   in the county.