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Children and Young People


Taking Part is an overarching organisation who provides advice, information, advocacy and guidance to people with health and care needs throughout Shropshire including Telford and Wrekin. The core aims of Taking Part are to promote choice, increase independence and inclusion and uphold individual rights. 

Our activities are wide and varied but all are designed to provide a supportive and engaging environment that allows participants to enjoy themselves and join in as it suits them best.

Mereside Community Centre, Shrewsbury, SY2 6LH

Jamila Walker Thomas - 07974078919


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 Please click posters to download

Hello all,

Please book your child/ren onto each Moving and Grooving session, for SEND families via this email address -, this helps with planning activities also IF we ever have to cancel    a Moving and Grooving session due to sickness, community centre issues, staffing issues etc, I can contact families directly and not worry about 'walk ins'.

I will check my emails at 9am pre each session.

I will also post on Facebook if we have to cancel.

If you leave your child/ren with staff please email me with your phone numbers plus any additional parent/carer phone numbers.

(I do have most phone numbers, but to be extra  vigilant I am asking again).

From April dates!

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Going for a Walk

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