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Taking Part’s Digital Skills Programme (funded by Shropshire Council)

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Taking Part has received funding from Shropshire Council to deliver digital   one-to-one and group sessions for adults with learning disabilities living in Shropshire. We are looking for volunteers to support staff to deliver our group sessions, which will take place in a public building/health and social care providers. The majority of sessions will take place at Louise House. Taking Part has an office at Louise House.                                                                                               


The sessions may take place in the office or IT Suite. 

The aim of Shropshire Council’s Digital Skills Programme supports people living in the local authority’s geographical area to become more confident online.  The programme gives free access to one-to-one digital support, group participation sessions, and free equipment for those who need it most.

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We are looking for volunteers to support our group sessions,                              please get in touch if this is something you could us.

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